UI/UX Design

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We’re using data + design to create a great digital product experience for your brand or business

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design layout appears so easy without explanation so users should have nothing to do with cracking a nut with their eyes.

We bring products to life with stunning visuals and solve users problem with helpful & delightful interactions.

At Promilux, our designs are not noisy but vibrant. We create a UI/UX Design that speaks clearly to the mind through the eyes.

Our UI/UX process uses human-centred design principles and thoughtful application of leading design principles to develop a great interface that is visually appealing, seamless, and intuitive to use.

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Why choose us for your next UI/UX Design

Professional Designers

We have a team of creative designers whose passion is to make your project a success!

First Class Support

We provide our client all the support they need in navigating through the UI/UX design before taking the final decision.

Strong Relationship

We develop new products or refine existing ones by providing professional consultancy and customer experience.

Years of Experience

We have an excellent record of over 5 years helping startups, SMEs, brands, business organisations and NGOs achieve their digital goals.

Seamless Activation

We use the right environments to plan out purposeful UI/UX strategies for your next product.

Best Design Practice

Our user-centred design philosophy makes us develop a great interface that is visually appealing, seamless, and intuitive to use.

Our Process

How we come about a great UI/UX Design

1. UI/UX Research

We begin by understanding who your users are, in what context they will use your product, and what needs they will be looking to meet. We also make visual research to inform the UI design.

For a great visual, we look at your competition, the design styles in your region and across your entire region, and collect all this creative information for ideation. This is what we will be doing during the research.

2. UI/UX Strategy

There is a need for responsive design on modern devices as this allows us to easily implement UI elements that scale.

We make plans on how the design will work. To visualize our UX strategy, we create wireframes. They align your product vision with user needs and the product’s technical capabilities.

3. Ideate & Design

We apply the right colours in the design as colours have their way of setting people’s mood and we have been applying this in UI design to direct and boost emotion.

We design every element on the user interface – icons, buttons, typography, to create an intuitive experience for your users. The look and feel of the product and its interactivity will be focused on increasing user engagement.

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Your product UI/UX Design is completed with these

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