SEO & Digital Marketing

Keywords and tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales

We apply a strategic approach to marketing goals - to drive sales, to build visibility, to rank higher, and the only thing that matters to us is the result.

What marketing objectives do you have in mind? We will assist you in achieving your goals.

We apply a simple framework and if it doesn’t support your business model, we won’t do it. We will sit with you to understand your business model and come up with a custom framework that will work for your business. We are a result-oriented digital agency that turns marketing into revenue.

With us, you don’t need to mount a skyscraper to make your brand known globally

Our marketing strategies combine working tools and human expertise to get you the result you need.

Reach your targeted audience at an incredibly cheaper cost. We will boost your visibility and drive sales using the best digital marketing practices

Digital Marketing

What are your marketing goals?

To build brand awareness, traffic, leads, sales and gain massive profit?

We understand that people must know you, like you and trust you as it is the first approach to making your company get more exposure that drives massive traffic and sales.

Brand Awareness

We have a strategic branding plan that we created to take your brand and make it visible to your target customers.

Traffic Generation

We know how to drive quality traffic of ready-to-buy customers using Facebook pixel, social media, search engines, and a combination of authentic organic and paid techniques.

Conversion and Lead Generation

We then apply a simple lead generation technique to generate massive leads from the traffic. We make this strategic and persuasive so that it doesn’t force sales. The goal here is to capture leads.


To foster buying continuity, to maximize conversion and ROI, we make use of Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and an automated email system that persuade leads to keep buying. Plus, we stay around to help build a great brand that your customers can be loyal to.

Our Focus

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Promilux, we have also evolved with the best practices of SEO to make a website rank higher with the right keywords. We perfectly use these keywords to get your website more visibility on search engines.

Email Marketing

“If you ask us, we will tell you how often should you mail your list”. Email marketing is a strategic approach you can use in nurturing your leads to becoming your customers. We will educate them more about your product and actively keep them engaged. We help grow your email list and send an email campaign that escapes the spam folder.

Social Media Marketing

We understand how to build a connection with your customer and prospects using storytelling and educative content.

Ready to get your brand/business visibility and profit?

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