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You know your business is not the only one in the digital space, but do you care to stand out with a cutting edge visual and stunning website?

We will build a digital glasshouse for you with the assurance of not getting scared of stones.

At Promilux, we understand how the psychology of colours can be used to visually entice your site visitors.

We only create websites that:

Our Process

A growth-driven approach to website design & Development

1. Web Strategy

We begin by understanding your business – your brand and its story, your unique selling point, and your goals.

We reflect on your needs just as you’ve perceived it and then familiarize ourselves with your industry to understand best practices as well as creating an appropriate timeline and project schedule for your website.

We work with you to document and review the website features, regardless of whether you have a simple specification or no idea what the website might look like.

2. Ideate & Design

We understand that images tell stories and people process images faster than words. We ideate when designing, we use the right combination of images, colours, fonts, space, and calls-to-action to attract and connect with your audience.

Great designs will ensure that visitors flow through your website, consume content, build trust, and take the required action.

3. Develop & Track

With the designs in mind, we begin the development process of your website.

We work with the best tools to develop a functioning website with a high loading speed that is secured and accessible on modern browsers.

By the time your website goes live, we are there to prevent stones from flying to your glasshouse. We run periodic security checks and backups.

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